Wednesday, February 6, 2013

COLP Advice - Beware of the Dabbler

Speak to any experienced  underwriter for solicitor PI insurance and they will tell you that the history of claims indicate that “dabblers,” or solicitors acting outside of their usual area of expertise are likely to be less efficient and effective – and more prone to a negligence claim or complaint to the LeO.

Be sure that your firm does take any client that walks through the door: Especially when you’re not busy and have extra capacity to do work. It may be very tempting in the current economic environment to accept every client who wants to retain you.

Too often, solicitors who are asked to handle a legal matter for a family member or friend seem to feel obliged to help, and then find themselves dabbling in an area of law they don’t know. And, given the relationship, it can also be difficult or awkward for the lawyer to give a family member or friend independent legal advice. The lesson: Dabbling is dangerous—don’t do it and don't let your fee earners do it. Send the family member or friend to another firm of solicitors .

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

COLP and COFA seminar: 'Comply or Die'

The rather dramatically entitled “Comply or Die” seminar is being put on by the Central London Local Sole Practitioner Group takes place on the 25th February.

The course is advertised as an interactive masterclass by Bernard George of Socrates, the compliance experts, covering OFR, the SRA Code of Conduct, the Authorisation Rules, COLP and COFA - what does the SRA expect of you? Compliance in 5 easy steps. Please contact Michael Whittingdale on to book a place. Numbers are strictly limited and places will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis.