Saturday, February 1, 2014

List of 136 Closed Firms Presents a Ripe Opportunity For Fraudsters

One of the predictable consequences of the SRA listing the firms that were closed recently was that fraudsters could take advantage of the situation.

Within a few days of the the SRA list being published the SRA received information that a member of the public has received emails falsely claiming to be from Christopher Anderson of Andersons Solicitors. The emails relate to an unclaimed inheritance from a previously unknown relative. The real Anderson solicitors closed on the 29th December. The firm was on the list on 136 firms.

The fraudulent emails describe Christopher Anderson as "sole legal counsel" and give the email address or, telephone number +44 7924 551 313 / (0) 7924 551 313 and the address Bosewell Cottage, 19 South End, Croydon, CR0 1BE. The address matches the address of the former genuine firm.

The SRA does authorise and regulate an individual called Christopher Anderson. However, the SRA has been informed that the genuine solicitor and former genuine firm have no knowledge of or involvement in sending out these emails relating to obtaining the benefit of an unclaimed inheritance from a previously unknown relative, and no connection with the email addresses and

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