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Simon Seaton qualified as a solicitor and licensed conveyancer and has set up departments in law firms and a conveyancing practice. He is currently the CEO of Lexsure.

Simon has been quoted and published in mainstream papers on matters of law and property and has been invited to talk at various professional seminars including the annual CML Legal Issues Conference.

Simon's main area of expertise is the future of legal services and, in particular, the way in which the IT and the Internet are changing the work of lawyers. He has worked on building legal technology platforms for over 20 years. Simon is an experienced public speaker completing almost 20 speaking engagements to law firms across England and Wales in 2012 - 2013 many of which were specifically for COLPs and COFAs.

In 2012 Simon helped build CLIENTCAREmonitor which is a comprehensive, sophisticated and cost effective online compliance management platform developed specifically to assist small to medium-sized firms meet their compliance requirements in relation to the new SRA regime. The platform audits 100% of cases and identifies the high-risk files in real time, allowing the COLP to focus on the real risk areas and do so in real time.

CLIENTCAREmonitor can integrate with existing case management platforms, is simple to use, and is highly cost and time effective. CLIENTCAREmonitor’s matter-level compliance and risk management is designed to be used by every fee-earner at a firm, on every transaction, resulting in full transparency and much greater visibility across the firm’s cases for the COLP.

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